First AxioMed Freedom viscoelastic total disc replacement implanted in Australia

Fluoroscopy image of AxioMed's Freedom disc successfully implanted
Fluoroscopy image of AxioMed’s Freedom disc successfully implanted

Australia’s first viscoelastic total cervical disc replacement case using the AxioMed Freedom device has been successful performed by Richard Laherty of Queensland Neurosurgery, Brisbane.

Laherty completed the procedure on Monday, November 28th at the Princess Alexandria Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. The procedure was performed on a 47-year-old male patient suffering from degenerative disc disease with radiculopathy, as a result of degenerative cervical discs at levels C5-7. The patient failed conservative treatments prior to undergoing surgery.

The AxioMed viscoelastic disc is a next-generation disc replacement that is designed to restore natural disc height, lordosis, stability, and motion in the human spine. AxioMed was approved in September 2016 to market and sell their viscoelastic cervical and lumbar Freedom total disc replacements in Australia by the country’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

“The Freedom cervical disc is extremely easy to implant and has a great anatomical fit for restoring disc height and lordosis in the cervical spines of my patients,”, says Laherty. “I am excited to have this viscoelastic technology that mimics the natural motion of a healthy human disc, and to make this solution available to my patients. It will provide a faster surgical recovery time and increase a patient’s overall health and satisfaction.”