FDA clears Prow Fusion lumbar interbody fusion device


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the Prow Fusion device (NLT Spine), a transforaminal-lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) device and delivery system for minimally invasive spinal fusion in TLIF procedures. 

The Prow Fusion device provides greater biomechanical stability and less subsidence postoperatively. It features a non-linear design, invented by Tzony Siegal, which allows for deployment of the implant within the intervertebral disc space, delivered through a small incision with minimal disruption to muscles and surrounding tissues. The implant also has a significant volume for bone graft material, larger than traditional TLIF devices, allowing for greater bone graft-to-endplate contact surface area, potentially improving fusion rates. 


Prow Fusion was recently granted the ‘2011 Spine Technologies Award’ for Minimally Invasive Spine Care by Orthopedics This Week publication. The award was handed to NLT Spine during the North American Spine Society conference (NASS) in Chicago in November 2011. According to Orthopedics This Week, the surgeon judges selected companies that presented the most innovative and promising products in 2011 to treat back pain.