Expanding Orthopedics presents FLXfit at ArgoSpine


Expanding has announced that the FLXfit 3D articulated and lordotic expandable interbody cage was presented at the ArgoSpine Meeting in Paris, France.

Renowned spine surgeon, Jean-Charles Le Huec, Ortho-Spine Department, Bordeaux University Hospital, France and former president of ISASS and EuroSpine, presented the cadaver study with his French and German colleagues, R Morrison, J Rigal and K Schnake: “Preservation of vertebral endplate integrity of expansion of a novel three-dimensional expanding cage using a single portal TLIF approach – a cadaver study.”

Le Huec explained that, “Expandable cages that expand without control can create significant stress in the disc space, which increases the risk of subsidence and loss of disc height, and, more severely, can break the endplate, which may lead to failed surgery and re-operation.” He added that “our experience with the FLXfit on numerous cadavers yielded great safety results as it enables gradual and continuous expansion, fully controlled by the surgeon, limiting risk of over-distraction and or endplate violation.

Le Huec noted that, “thanks to its large footprint and lordotic expansion mechanism, the force distribution is more anatomical, which reduces the pressure on the endplates…We have started to offer the FLXfit to our patients and initial results and follow-ups shows promising performance. The device’s unique articulating and lordotic expansion design enables a less invasive procedure, while providing great stability, anatomical press fit and sagittal contour reconstruction.”

Ofer Bokobza, chief executive officer of Expanding Orthopedics, said that, “the great work performed by Le Huec, Schnake and their colleagues was crucial in demonstrating the safety of the FLXfit, leading to continuation of the clinical work, and will rapidly accelerate the acceptance of the FLXfit as a new solution to enhance interbody lumbar fusion.”