EUROSPINE wants to become “leading spine society in Europe”


The executive committee of EUROSPINE has reported that 2012/13 has been an “intense year” because aside from its normal activities (such as meetings, education, research and committee work), it is has focused on moving the society forward—with a view to making EUROSPINE the leading society in Europe. 

Ferran Pellisé, president of EUROSPINE, said: “That’s why we have focused our efforts very much on our commitment to strengthen EUROSPINE for the benefit of our patients, our members and our stakeholders. Our Vision is to be the driving force and the primary and preferred partner in Europe for all spinal care issues.”

According to EUROSPINE, the executive committee conducted a series of workshops and consultations to assess the current situation and define EUROSPINE’s future strategy. To be able to implement the vision defined, it will focus on activities that optimise patient care, provide and support “best practice”, life-long learning, research and effective and efficacious treatment. The aim is to bring together all spine-related European stakeholders across diverse disciplines, cultures and countries.

The analysis concluded that EUROSPINE should focus on four major strategic priorities in its way forward: members, stakeholders, activities and the organisation itself.

EUROSPINE 2013 takes place 2–4 October in Liverpool, UK. For more details, click here.