EUROSPINE forgoes delegate bags and paper programmes to improve green credentials

EUROSPINE will save over 350,000 pages by eliminating printed final programmes

EUROSPINE has announced that, from 2017’s meeting (11–­13 October; Dublin, Ireland), the organisation will no longer print paper copies of the final programme, or congress bags in an effort to reduce waste and support the environment.

According to the EUROSPINE website, membership will provide online access to the European Spine Journal, but not a paper subscription. Membership certificates will also be provided digitally, in an effort to reduce paper waste and delivery-based emissions.

Instead of a printed programme, the website states that all information usually contained in the physical edition will be available online through the EURPSPINE app. A pocket programme will also be available during the conference, in addition to an online PDF version.

EUROSPINE estimates that it will reduce its printing run by over 350,000 pages elimination of the physical final programme.

According to the website, the EUROSPINE team is “very proud” of its green initiatives, and will provide more information in due course on the EUROSPINE website.


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