EOS imaging to partner with Anatoscope to integrate virtual patient avatars

EOS imaging system
EOS imaging system

EOS imaging is to partner with Anatoscope, to combine the company’s virtual patient models with EOS’ 2D/3D images and datasets, into the EOS apps for advanced orthopaedic applications. The first applications are due for release in 2017.

Anatoscope, a start-up company created in 2015, develops software solutions to generate 3D digital avatars that are based on a patient’s medical images, intended to allow for the simulation of medical treatments. According to a company press release, the team has robust experience in developing patient models from computed tomography scans and magnetic resonance images.

The exclusive agreement and associated licensing rights cover the development of patient avatars from EOS 2D/3D images and datasets as well as their deformation. Initially, the model will take into account the patient corpulence and external body shape in combination with the patient’s skeletal images from their EOS exam. The first applications for this technology are to be introduced into the EOS platform in 2017.