EOS imaging system to be installed at Kudanzaka Hospital in Japan


A new EOS imaging system has been installed at Kudanzaka Hospital, Tokyo, Japan. The platform will be available to more than 1,000 patients per year undergoing spine surgeries in Japan. The system has been installed in a new building located near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, which is scheduled to open on the 24th November 2015.

EOS systems are already in clinical use in Japan at Meijo Hospital, the Japanese scoliosis center, as well as in other prominent spine and large joint surgery centers in the country. Marie Meynadier, CEO of EOS imaging said, “The EOS system provides a full-body, weight-bearing scan and 3D clinical parameters coupled with a drastic reduction of the risks associated with medical imaging irradiation.”

The EOS platform provides 2D and 3D full-body, stereo-radiographic images of patients in functional positions. EOS exams require a radiation dose 50% to 85% less than Digital Radiology and 95% less than basic CT scans. The new EOS Micro Dose system, recently cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, marks another important step towards the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Available). This latest technology has made the dose for a pediatric spine follow-up exam equivalent to a week’s worth of natural background radiation on Earth.