EOS imaging system installed at Meijo Hospital in Japan


EOS Imaging has announced the installation of the EOS imaging system in Japan’s leading spine medical centre at Meijo Hospital in Nagoya. The installation is one of the four installations of EOS in Japan since the equipment has received market clearance.

Japanese adoption of the EOS system began in December 2013 with the first installation at Niigata Spine Surgery Centre (NSSC) following regulatory approval by Japanese authorities. The current installation at the Meijo Hospital, affiliated with the Nagoya University Hospital, underscores the adoption of EOS by the best Japanese institutions for spine surgery. Meijo Hospital has the highest volume of deformative spine surgeries in Japan.


Professor Noriaki Kawakami, director of Orthopaedic Surgery at Meijo Hospital, says, “Our hospital performs a vital role providing community health services throughout Japan. The installation of EOS in our facilities and throughout Japan is an important step in ensuring that our patients have access to the most beneficial imaging technology available.”