EOS imaging announces installations of first EOS systems in Spain and Portugal



image of EOS imaging's platform
EOS imaging system

EOS imaging have announced the first two installations in Barcelona, Spain at Clavel’s Instituto, a spine centre of Hospital Quiron, and the HM Delfos Hospital. In addition, the first installation in Portugal is planned in Lisbon by the end of the year. All three facilities are part of private hospital groups.

Marie Meynadier, chief executive officer of EOS imaging, commented: “We are delighted with these first installations in two of the best private spine surgery centres in Spain as well as the upcoming installation in Portugal. Our solutions, already widely adopted within academic hospitals in Europe and around the world, are increasingly becoming valued by private orthopaedic centres and private hospitals.”

She added: “We are happy and proud to see our technology accessible to more patients, as a large traction of osteoarticular care and orthopaedic surgeries are taking place outside of academic hospital settings.”


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