EOS imaging announces new EOS system installations in two US private orthopaedic practices

EOS imaging system installed in two private orthopaedic practices in the USA

EOS imaging has announced that University Orthopedics in Providence, Rhode Island, and the Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina (both USA) have installed the EOS system for low-dose, 2D and 3D imaging of patients. Both practices are part of the US private practice sector, which amounts to 73% of all orthopaedic practices in the country.

University Orthopedics is a multiple facility private practice in Rhode Island for patients with orthopaedic related conditions and injuries. University Orthopedics directs many clinical research efforts intended to innovate new orthopaedic surgery techniques, new surgical implant devices that improve the success of various procedures, and new ways to prevent orthopaedic injury.

“We believe in using advanced technology to provide the safest and best healthcare possible,” says Alan Daniels (University Orthopedics, Providence, USA). “EOS provides extremely high-quality full-body images for pediatric and adult patients at lower radiation doses than traditional X-rays, increasing patient safety. The EOS images allow us to carefully assess the entire skeleton, so we can provide optimal individualised patient-specific care.”

Weber Shill, CEO of University Orthopedics, adds, “I saw the clinical and educational benefits of the EOS system immediately and was enthusiastic about getting behind a project that our surgeons were so motivated about and I knew our patients would appreciate. Like any healthcare organisation today, we have to be cognizant about our capital expenditures, and EOS imaging custom finance program for the private sector facilitated our acquisition.”

For more than 13 years, the Hey Clinic has served patients with spinal conditions from North Carolina and beyond through a full array of treatment options. The clinic, recently relocated to a new facility on the Duke Raleigh Hospital campus, is committed to personalised attention, generous appointment times and a strong emphasis on patient education and engagement, a press release states.

“When we decided to update our imaging options, we thoroughly researched available technologies and determined that the EOS system would best serve our patients with its high image quality for diagnostics, low radiation to decrease cancer risk and 3D modeling capabilities for treatment planning,” comments orthopaedic surgeon Lloyd Hey (Hey Clinic, USA). “In addition, EOS will help us facilitate educating patients and families about their condition and treatment choices. We are excited to work with EOS imaging to improve patient care.”

“We are encouraged to see a growing number of private practices adopting the EOS system,” says Marie Meynadier, CEO of EOS imaging. “Our technology has received strong recognition from academic and non-academic hospitals, both clinically and in terms of operational value. Private practices play an important role in orthopedic care, and we will do our best to support them in providing our low dose, 2D/3D solutions to a growing number of patients.”


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