EOS imaging granted CE mark for spineEOS online 3D surgical planning program


EOS imaging has been granted CE mark for spineEOS, an online 3D planning software for spine surgery based on EOS biplanar imaging. This marks the third EOSapp software planning option offered by the company, following its hipEOS and kneeEOS products.

The spineEOS online 3D planning software is designed to allow surgeons to utilise 3D imaging provided by the EOS system to create an optimised treatment plan to achieve improved sagittal alignment for paediatric patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis as well as adults suffering from degenerative or deformative spine conditions. The software, which provides a treatment simulation based on reference values, takes into account the patient vertebrae shape and position in 3D. The expected surgical correction can be visualised and captured in a planning report.

Peter Newton at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California and Professor Brice Ilharreborde at Debré Hospital in Paris, France are currently conducting clinical studies using the new spineEOS planning software.

Marie Meynadier, chief executive officer of EOS imaging, says, “These online 3D surgical planning solutions are a big step towards planning patient-specific procedures in 3D that are cost effective.”