EOS imaging announces 4th system installation at Hospital for Special Surgery

EOS imaging system

EOS imaging has announced its fourth EOS system installation at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS; New York City, USA). HSS is the world’s largest academic medical centre dedicated to musculoskeletal health, performing more than 33,000 surgical procedures a year.

“Patients come to HSS from more than 80 countries and all 50 of the USA because we deliver the most advanced diagnosis, treatment and care for even the most complex cases, so it is important that we continue to lead also in low dose imaging” said Roger Widmann, spine surgeon and chief of Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery at HSS. “Over the years, the value of low-dose imaging has been appreciated by an increasingly broad spectrum of our specialists and patients, compelling us to increase access with a fourth installation which is also the first at an HSS location other than our main campus in New York City.”

“We are particularly excited with this fourth system installation at HSS as it demonstrates the significant value of our patient-specific solutions at such a significant and prominent location and across multiple specialties including paediatric, spine, hip joint replacement, and sports medicine,” stated Mike Lobinsky, chief executive officer of EOS imaging. “Expansion within hospitals is a key driver for our success and becomes evident once surgeons and patients have access to EOS, as demonstrated by the continued increase in case volume. Furthermore, with growing interest in preoperative software planning solutions for more efficient operating initiatives, more surgeons are utilising our 3D planning services, hipEOS 3.0, spineEOS, and kneeEOS, for execution in the operating room and we look forward to building upon this success.”

EOS imaging solutions are available at HSS in the following departments: Lerner Children’s Pavilion, Department of Radiology and Imaging, Caspary Research Building, and now at the HSS Westchester regional facility.


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