Eden Spine receives CE mark for Wellex


Eden Spine has announced that it has received CE mark approval for its proprietary interspinous medical device, the Wellex. Developed in collaboration with Dr Jean-Marc Fuentes, France, the Wellex is based on two decades of clinical experience with non-fusion devices. “The Wellex is a compressible dynamic extension controller that not only relieves pain but also positively affects the long-term health of the segment, through its ability to dynamically control extension while protecting and maintaining the neutral zone,” said Fuentes.

Biomechanically, the Wellex maintains flexion, axial rotation and lateral bending but is not an extension blocker. Rather, it controls extension dynamically, thereby positively affecting the neutral zone and reducing disc and facet loading. Multi-level implantations are possible.

 “The Wellex Interspinous Process Technology aims at perfecting the balance between motion and stability by restoring the posterior tension band, the facet congruence and the foraminal height,” explained Mourad Ben Mokhtar, head of Eden Spine’s research and developments efforts.