Back Pain Centers of America launches free e-book for patients considering back surgery

e-book cover
The 65-page free spine health e-book provides prospective spine patients with relevant information about their treatment options

Back Pain Centers of America, a call centre which connects people searching for solutions to their neck and back pain with spine specialists, have released a spine health e-book entitled Critical Factors for Successful Spine Surgery. This 65-page free patient resource was developed to provide prospective spine patients with relevant information, including on new treatments in minimally-invasive spine surgery, what questions to ask doctors, alternatives to spine surgery, and tips for faster recovery following surgery.

The book is sponsored by Titan Spine, 2017 recipient of Back Pain Centers of America’s Award of Excellence. Titan Spine is a surface nanotechnology company focused on the design and manufacture of interbody fusion devices.

“We are proud to launch our free e-book, Critical Factors for Successful Spine Surgery,” says Brent Wheeler, chief operating officer for Back Pain Centers of America. “We value the trust patients place in us as we connect them to expert physicians. Now patients will be able to use this comprehensive resource to make more informed decisions and preparations for the recommended treatment plan. By empowering patients to take control of their spine health and work in partnership with their healthcare providers, we believe they will have a better opportunity to regain the type of activities they enjoy.”

“As a medical device innovator, we believe patient education and empowerment is crucial to achieving a positive outcome following spinal surgery,” comments Andrew Shepherd, vice president of marketing, Titan Spine. “We are pleased to partner with Back Pain Centers of America to sponsor this very unique resource, and we hope that it will facilitate more conversations between patients and their healthcare providers.”

The free e-book offers patients a range of information for the various stages of spine pain to the surgical rehabilitation process. The book may be downloaded by visiting Back Pain Centers of America’s website.


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