DT Elite guide system launched by Nexxt Spine


Nexxt Spine has announced the launch of its DT Elite guide system.

This system is designed to reduce the number of surgical steps required during an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedure. The product allows the surgeon to prepare screw pilot holes and determine the appropriate interbody dimensions for the anterior cervical plate at the same time, according to Nexxt Spine.

Nexxt Spine’s DT Elite System is manufactured to exacting specifications utilising modern 3-D printing technology and is compatible with the Struxxure Anterior Cervical Plate and Honour Cervical Interbody systems.

According to a press release, published papers have reported the incidence of adjacent level ossification (ALO) significantly decreases when the plate-to-disc distance is greater than five millimetres from the adjacent level. The Struxxure ACP system is designed according to this rationale. Robert L Wertz, vice president of New Product Development at Nexxt Spine, says, “The Struxxure DT Elite Guides simplify the ACDF procedure and provide the framework for a shorter plate to be used which in turn increases the distance to the adjacent disc level wherein studies report a reduction in the risk of developing postoperative degenerative changes, including ALO.”