Dfine launches StabiliT ERX


Dfine has announced the launch of its StabiliT ERX bone cement for use with its StabiliT vertebral augmentation system. According to a company press release, the system harnesses the power of radiofrequency targeted vertebral augmentation to relieve pain and repair vertebral compression fractures resulting from instability due to osteoporosis or cancer.

The press release reported that StabiliT ERX is the next-generation addition to the company’s portfolio of energy-responsive, ultra-high viscosity cements. With five times greater viscosity than other PMMA bone cements, and about two times the viscosity of Dfine’s StabiliT ER2 cement, StabiliT ERX is “ideal for the treatment of complex osteoporotic and oncologic fractures—including cases with large voids, osteolytic or vascular fractures”, the press release stated.

“Patients with complex fractures, such as non-healed vertebra plana fractures, can be very difficult to treat because there may be a limited amount of bone with which to work to stabilise the vertebra. With its significantly higher viscosity, StabiliT ERX affords a more targeted and controlled delivery—potentially reducing the likelihood of extravasation while still allowing for easy delivery into the vertebral body,” said Nick Yee, interventional radiologist, Radiology Imaging Associates, Englewood, USA.

The press release added that in addition to higher viscosity, the advantages of StabiliT ERX bone cement included extended working time—providing physicians with procedural flexibility; and greater radiopacity during cement delivery—improving visibility under fluoroscopy.