Depuy Synthes Spine launches Synfix Evolution system

DePuy Synthes Spine Synfix Evolution
DePuy Synthes Spine Synfix Evolution

DePuy Synthes Spine has launched the Synfix Evolution system, a new implant for stand-alone anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF). The Synfix Evolution system delivers biomechanical stability to promote fusion and restore function, coupled with instrumentation designed to optimise surgical workflow. The system offers a broad range of implant options to accommodate a variety of patient anatomies.

“Biomechanical stability in an implant is paramount,” says Alexandre Rasouli, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. “It is the difference between a single stage surgery and a more involved multi-stage surgery that can increase complications and drive up costs.”

The Synfix system consists of a PEEK spacer coupled with a titanium zero-profile plate and four divergent locking screws, which create a wedge of bone that, according to a company release, helps anchor the implant during the healing process. The range of implant options is intended to allow the surgeon to accommodate varying patient anatomies and restores spine balance. The Synfix Evolution system is designed to increase surgical efficiency by reducing the number of instruments and increasing screw insertion speed. The design team engineered a thread lock sleeve to capture the screw to the screwdriver, in order to prevent the screw from becoming disengaged during surgery.