CTL Medical to partner with G-21 biomaterials company


CTL Medical has reached a national partnership agreement with G-21, an Italian-based biomaterials company. As a result, CTL Medical will now co-market G-21’s bone cement, kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty technologies in the USA.

Daniel Chon, president and chief executive officer of CTL Medical says, “We intend to begin immediate distribution of the full line of acrylic-based bone cements for widespread procedures necessary for vertebrae consolidation and stabilisation.”

The initial implementation of the distribution will include providing the US Food and Drug Administration-approved bone cement and accompanying kit for kyphoplasty.

Each of the cement kits comes in the form of a two-component system composed of a liquid and powder, to be mixed at the time of application in the surgical suite. Various mixtures of the cement compounds offer different working times and viscosity.


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