CTL announces executive management team



CTL Medical has announced the executive management team that it believes will lead the organisation into the next phase of growth.

“We have a solid group of executives that we have brought into management roles,” says Daniel Chon, president and chief executive officer of CTL. “Our team consists of some of the best of the best in our business, and I am confident that they will help us further extend our position as a leader in the medical device design and manufacturing industry.”

Earlier this year, CTL acquired AccelSPINE, a medical device designer and manufacturer, as part of its global growth strategy. It has also acquired RF Precision, a medical and dental equipment manufacturer. CTL has now moved to a new 25,000-square foot facility “in order to better meet the needs of its customer base,” according to a company press release.

“First and foremost, these acquisitions are about quality. By bringing both the business (AccelSPINE) and manufacturing (RF) arms under one roof, we can establish complete control, from order to delivery and everything in between. This is to ensure we deliver the highest quality products to our patients,” Andy Choi, chief business development officer at CTL, told Spinal News International. “Secondly, it is about being responsive. Vertical integration means we have the flexibility to shift and pivot as needed. So we can respond to our customer needs as efficiently as possible. Lastly, it is a solid investment for the future. Adding capabilities mean we can be more creative in the things we can do coming down the line and avoid limiting new products based on outside capabilities.”

CTL designs, develops and manufactures spinal implants and instruments tailored to fit the unique needs of surgeons and patients. Currently, the company has nine products: Degas Anterior Cervical Plate, Van Gogh Anterior Cervical Plate, Matisse ACIF Cage, Renoir Posterior Cervico-Thoracic Fixation, Picasso-II, MIS Spinal System, Raphael Pedicle Screw System, Cezanne TLIF Peek Cage (Curved), Cezanne-II TLIF Peek Cage (Bullet Tip) and Cezanne Disc Prep Set TLIF Disc Prep Instruments.

CTL’s executive management team will be comprised of: Danny Chon (president and chief executive officer), Fiona Lazarow (chief financial officer), Sean Suh (chief technology officer), Andy Choi (chief business development officer), Dean Fulford (vice president of sales for the northern region), Lanny Duyck (vice president of sales for the southern region), Jon Suh (vice president of research and development), Rose Moore (vice president of business development and marketing), Otis Blackwell (vice president of manufacturing), Sterling Thomason (director of operations), and Tosan Onosode (regulatory affairs specialist).

Moore, commenting on the why she is excited to be working for the company, told Spinal News International, “Daniel Chon’s energy and passion for the business tops the list. This energy has enabled him to assemble some of the industry’s best talent…It’s exciting to watch and even more exciting to be a part of.”

In addition to these appointments, the company release states that it anticipates “a significant increase” in its workforce by early 2017. Choi told Spinal News International that the company’s plans include “creating additional partnerships with key opinion leaders, developing cutting edge products that provide a real difference to patients, and gaining market share.”