CTL Amedica awarded US patent for KLIMT cage design


CTL Amedica has been granted an official patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its KLIMT expandable lumbar interbody fusion cage design.

Named after the famous Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, the KLIMT expandable lumbar interbody fusion cage features proprietary, 3D-printed, expandable technology.

Sean Suh, chief technology officer at CTL Amedica, said: “Expandable lumbar interbody cage technology is at the forefront of the spine implant industry. Innovative designs that allow surgeons to perform procedures through smaller access sites are becoming more abundant, so technologies like the KLIMT expandable lumbar interbody fusion cage are increasingly important. We are producing otherwise challenging components, solely through 3D-printed technology.”

According to the CTL Amedica, KLIMT interbody cages feature a multi-density and variable, textured surface on all sides, which are designed to enhance bone inter-digitation and capillary response. Collapsed cages are small enough to work through a small endoscopic access port. In addition, multiple footprints are available to accommodate a wide variety of patient anatomy and surgeon preferences, they add.


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