Children’s Scoliosis Foundation offers members health management app via Backpack Health


Backpack Health’s cloud-based mobile app offers paediatric scoliosis patients and their caregivers a centralised platform to manage health data and connect with the global scoliosis community.

Backpack Health and the Children’s Scoliosis Foundation (CSF) have announced a partnership that will provide families of children with a scoliosis diagnosis with Backpack Health’s data management application, providing patients and their caregivers with one centralised platform to store, organise, track and share health information.

Backpack Health is a health data management platform, currently used in over 70 countries. It allows families impacted by scoliosis to have easy access, ownership and control of all of their health information, making it easy to transport and share with the right people when it is needed. Additionally, users have the option to opt-in and have their health data anonymised and shared with the most recent research projects for the scoliosis community. The data can help advance current research and treatments for the condition.

“Backpack Health’s app helps families easily manage all medical information and provides the ability to share information securely with multiple providers. Additionally, Backpack Health’s patient empowerment platform allows us to manage deployment to scoliosis clinics around the world in one solution,” said Anne Knox, CEO of the Children’s Scoliosis Foundation.

Backpack Health also offers patients the ability to participate in the collection of de-identified data that may serve to support researchers. Upon their consent, individuals with scoliosis who use Backpack Health’s data management platform will have their data de-identified and entered into current research projects. Data dynamic surveys and e-consent functionality can then be implemented, allowing further patient-reported data to be included in current research.

“CSF serves as an important resource for families of children with scoliosis. We are excited to partner with CSF and offer the scoliosis community further support via our digital tools,” said Jim Cavan, CEO and founder of Backpack Health. “Together Backpack Health and CSF will offer patients full control of their own health journeys.”


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