Corentec launches Corentec America at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting


Corentec a leading medical device technology company in Asia, and based in South Korea announced that the company is now offering its orthopaedic products in the USA with the launch of Corentec America,a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Seoul-based company. The announcement was made on opening day of the 79th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) in San Francisco, USA.

Corentec America will market artificial hip and knee joint replacement products, and spine implants in the USA.

Michael Y Son, vice president, Corentec America, who has played a significant role in the sales and marketing successes for several global healthcare companies, with a focus on hip and knee replacement joints, and related products, as well as spinal implant solutions, will lead Corentec America’s sales and marketing operations.

At AAOS, Corentec America is showcasing the company’s product portfolio already cleared for use in the USA. Products available immediately, include Total Hip, and Bi-Polar Hip Joint Implants, and a Pedicle Screw System. A Total Knee Joint Implant solution is expected to receive FDA clearance in the first quarter of 2012. Additional products for hip, knee and spine are in the FDA clearance process, and will be available in the USA in 2012.

“The US market is dynamic, and rapidly expanding as demand for orthopaedic implants grows in relation to the aging population,” said Son. “Corentec is well-poised to meet this growing demand by introducing a range of novel solutions for hip, knee, and spine in the coming decades.” He added, “I see a great opportunity for Corentec America to make a significant mark in the large joint and spine implant markets here. There are a number of attributes associated with our portfolio that differentiate our implants and instruments from our competitors.”