CoreLink launches Entasis sacroiliac joint fusion system


CoreLink has launched the Entasis sacroiliac joint fusion system in the USA.

The system is designed to deliver autograft in an innovative way, and promote compression across the joint.

Featuring circumferential helical graft windows, Entasis is designed to self-harvest bone graft while simultaneously compressing the joint, which, according to a company release, may help aid the fusion process.

Entasis supports a percutaneous or open lateral approach, and utilises a more rigid guidewire to ease device placement.

The implants feature self-drilling/self-tapping tips and dual-lead threads, intended to allow easier initial purchase, limited placement trauma as opposed to current market leaders, and faster implantation. The system offers three diameters and nine length options, intended to enable the surgeon to match the device to varying patient anatomies. In the event of misplacement, the implant also features the “Easy-Out” interface and matching tools to enable quick explantantation.

“The aggressiveness of the cage and…the instrumentation made placement markedly easier than other systems I have used,” says Dan Scodary, medical director of Neurosciences for SSM Health (St Louis, USA).