Choice Spine launches Starfire pedicle screw system


Choice Spine has announced the launch of its new Starfire pedicle screw system for lumbar conditions.

“Our goal this year in product management is to develop innovative spine systems that answer a need for surgeons to treat a variety of spine conditions,” said Anderson Collins, director of project management, Choice Spine. “That said, we worked with our surgeon panel to address their needs for a system that could address post-traumatic spine instability where the adjacent spinal segments are basically normal. For patients with advanced scoliosis, deformity or the management of spinal trauma, a pedicle screw system such as ours can be life saving,” he added.

The Starfire system was developed with the company’s surgeon panel and addresses three major points: strength and stability; intuitive instrumentation so the surgeon can quickly and easily march through the procedure; and finally, a comprehensive set of top-loading polyaxial screw implants that can address a variety of patient anatomies, including small and large-sized patients.

Now, Choice Spine distributors can target surgeons who treat difficult lumbar procedures. “The Starfire system is a big step forward in the growth of our company,” said Rick Henson, one of the company’s founders. “There are many pedicle screw systems on the market but we feel that our system is unique in terms of what product features it supplies to the surgeon. Surgeons look to companies that are innovative in their designs and offer thinking that is “outside the box,” he added.