Centinel Spine’s Stalif C reaches 1,500 implant milestone


Centinel Spine has announced implantation of the 1,500th Stalif C cervical Integrated Interbody Fusion device.

At the same time, Centinel Spine also announced record sales results for Stalif C with third quarter, year-on-year revenue growth of 132% and Q3, 2010 versus Q2, 2010 growth of 31%.

Commenting on the rapid acceptance of Stalif C by the surgical community, Centinel Spine chairman and CEO John J Viscogliosi, said, “Stalif C is simply the right solution at the right time. With both doctors and patients looking for less invasive solutions, allowing significantly easier and faster procedures and recovery times, Stalif C has shown itself to be in the forefront of meeting these needs.”

“Because the device is built on the same technological platform as our original market-creating product, the Stalif C, we expect that it will show similar outstanding growth going forward,” Viscogliosi added.

Acknowledging the milestone, Centinel president Michael D Will said: “Stalif C is a small device that is making a huge difference in patients’ quality of life. Based on the record rate of revenue growth and record pace of units sold, it is apparent that surgeons have identified a distinct clinical advantage to patients by utilising Stalif C.”

“The no-profile construct, our ABO screw system that does not require supplemental fixation and the availability of two sagittal profile options – are combining to provide an easier, faster and less invasive solution that is key to its success,” Will added.