Centinel Spine launches Midline II-Ti in USA and Australia


Centinel Spine has expanded its Midline II-Ti product range—a Ti-Active coated, no-profile, anterior lumbar integrated interbody device—in the USA and Australia.

Midline II-Ti is the sixth generation of the company’s Stalif technology. According to a company release, Midline II-Ti integrates Stalif with Ti-Active, a texturised, microporous titanium plasma coating, to form a novel technology and approach to anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) procedures with 8°, 12°, 16° and 20° of lordosis, and three cancellous screws to promote stability.

Midline II was designed to promote ease of use by reducing the surgical envelope required to implant the device, while maintaining the biomechanics that have underpinned thirty years of Stalif technology, according to the release. Three cancellous screws should create additional compression at each treated segment. The Ti-Active coating increases the contact surface area and friction at the bony endplates. To date around
1,000 Midline II devices have been implanted.

Gunwant Mallik, a surgeon from Columbus, USA, states, “The compressive fixation provided by the three lag screws, lordosis options and size options are very important. The titanium-coated PEEK option provides additional surface area that enhances stability.”