Centinel Spine implants first Stalif Midline II-Ti device


Centinel Spine has implanted its first two Stalif Midline II-Ti devices at Texas Health Plano, Plano and Florida Hospital Carrollwood, Tampa, USA. The devices were implanted by Jessica Shellock, Texas Back Institute and James Billys, Florida Orthopaedic Institute.

Midline II-Ti is a no-profile anterior lumbar integrated interbody system used to treat degenerative pathologies in the lumbar spine.

“As a surgeon, Midline II-Ti is the kind of technology I want to provide my patients,” said Shellock. “I am impressed and pleased with the simplicity of implantation, the immediate stability of the device and the visibility of the titanium coating on the postoperative imaging,” she continued.

Centinel Spine notes that the Midline II-Ti device is designed with Ti-Active, a multidimensional, texturised titanium coating engineered with over 15 years of science and experience to provide primary stability with an optimised topography enabling cellular attachment and proliferation as observed in a preclinical analysis.

Billys explained, “I have used Stalif anterior lumbar interbody fusion implants for many years with excellent clinical outcomes as well as high fusion rates. I recently had the opportunity to place the new Midline II-Ti, which has the same easy placement as the PEEK cage with the added advantages of the titanium coating.”

“We are excited to provide this unique technology to patients around the world and to have the first few Midline II-Ti devices implanted by Jessica Shellock and James Billys,” explained John J Viscogliosi, chairman and chief executive officer, Centinel Spine.