Centinel Spine announces prodisc C Vivo cervical total disc replacement milestone

prodisc C Vivo (Centinel Spine)

Centinel Spine has announced the completion of the 100th procedure in the USA using its prodisc C Vivo cervical total disc replacement (TDR) device.

Kevin Rutz, an orthopaedic spine surgeon from St. Louis, USA, said: “I have had the opportunity to use the prodisc C Vivo system multiple times and this device offers unique benefits to the surgeon and the patient. Because the Vivo implant is keel-less and incorporates a streamlined surgical technique, I have found that I am able to reduce the number of X-rays required during implantation of the device.

“This is a benefit to both the patient as well as the staff in the operating room. I have also found that making intra-operative adjustments to the positioning of the implant is easier with the Vivo device than other total discs that I have used in the past.”

Centinel Spine CEO, Steve Murray, added: “Degenerative disc disease is a leading cause of pain and disability in the USA and around the world. Providing total disc replacement solutions that can match individual patient anatomy is an important step in addressing this all-too-prevalent condition. We are pleased to see surgeons rapidly adopting the prodisc C Vivo technology knowing that many patients are benefiting from our broadened total disc portfolio.”

The device has keel-less fixation and combines a unique anatomically-designed superior endplate with lateral spikes to optimise fit and provide immediate fixation, says the company. Similar to all prodisc products, the prodisc C Vivo device incorporates prodisc CORE technology.

Adam Bruggeman, an orthopaedic spine surgeon from San Antonio, USA, commented: “The prodisc C Vivo system incorporates the simplicity of a keel-less disc replacement implant without sacrificing stability, an issue seen in many other implants. This is the best of both worlds in disc replacement and will rapidly be adopted by surgeons who embrace motion preservation.”

Centinel Spine’s cervical TDR portfolio includes four devices approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for one-level indications.


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