Centinel Spine announces first implant of prodisc L Lumbar total disc replacement system

prodisc L

Centinel Spine has announced the first implantation of newly available angled endplates in the USA for the prodisc L Lumbar Total Disc Replacement System. According to their press release these endplates have been designed to shift the lordotic angle of the implant to the inferior endplate, expanding the options available to surgeons to better address the varied lumbar anatomy and pathology of patients.

Alexandre Rasouli (Cedars-Sinai Spine Center, Los Angeles, USA) performed the first surgery in the USA with these angled implants as part of a limited commercial release, according to Centinel Spine. He said, “This invention makes the benefits of motion preservation technology even more accessible to a broader range of patients. This will revolutionise the way we think of artificial disc replacements.”

Centinel spine stated that six angled endplate options for the prodisc L system have been added as part of this release, including inferior endplates with lordotic angles of 3° and 8° and a superior endplate with a lordotic angle of 3°. The limited commercial release in the USA of these new implants is planned to continue through 2020, with a full market release to follow in early 2021.


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