CE Mark for SpineAlign vertebral body replacement system


SpineWorks Medical announced recently that it received CE-Mark authorization for commercialisation of its SpineAlign Vertebral Body Replacement (VBR) System in the European Union and all countries recognising the CE-Mark. The SpineAlign VBR is SpineWorks Medical’s first approved product that was designed for a transpedicular, minimally-invasive approach to vertebral body reconstruction and anterior spinal column support.

“In the delivery of care for spinal diseases, physicians are always looking for more innovative technologies — especially those that utilise the latest generations of medical imaging to deliver more effective therapies,” said Dr Sean Pakbaz, Associate Professor of Radiology and Neurointerventional Surgery at the University of California San Diego Medical Center and consultant to SpineWorks Medical. “The SpineAlign device which has surpassed our expectations in both laboratory and cadaveric testing allows us to work directly through the spine vertebral body pedicle, while at the same time minimizing soft tissue disruption. To reconstruct a vertebral body is becoming easier, both for us, and for the patient.”