Carevature Dreal reaches 400 patient milestone in the USA


Carevature Medical has announced a 400 patient milestone for its Dreal line of products in the USA. Six centres in the US states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Texas, are currently taking part in Dreal’s limited market release.

Carevature’s Dreal’s curved design is intended to enables orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons to perform spinal decompression more quickly and with less trauma to the area. Preservation of the surrounding tissue may reduce the need for spinal fusion procedures or simplify these procedures when fusion cannot be avoided, according to a company release.

“I am using the Dreal for all my decompression cases” says Richard Guyer, spinal surgeon and co-founder of the Texas Back Institute in Plano, USA, and past president of the North American Spine Society. “This is the only device that allows the surgeon to decompress severely stenotic neuroforamen from the inside out while still leaving the anatomy intact and eliminating the need for fusion. There have been other devices but none are as easy to use as this, as it requires no new skills.”