Capture the Asian market with NASS’s expert-led workshops


The Asia Pacific spine surgery device market is booming, with MicroMonitor predicting it to grow to US$2,223.1 million by 2019—a compound annual growth rate of 10.5% from 2014. As companies develop breakthrough technologies and disrupt the status quo, capturing new markets could prove to be lucrative.

Following this year’s successful inaugural Asian workshops, NASS is expanding its educational programmes to Singapore for 2018. Covering new and exciting techniques, five courses will offer delegates the chance to get their hands on innovative ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance systems and endoscopic instruments.

NASS will hold three intensive workshops in advance of 2018’s Global Spine Congress (Singapore; 30 April–2 May). The first of these, chaired by David O’Brien (Winston-Salem, USA) and Allen Chen (New York City, USA), will focus on advanced techniques in ultrasound and fluoroscopic-guided lumbar spinal procedures.

In addition to talks from expert faculty members, a four-hour hands-on skills lab will give delegates the opportunity to interact and train with technologies from radiofrequency ablation devices to intrathecal pumps. This offers a unique occasion for physicians to become familiar with the handling and the benefits of particular systems. Places are available for companies to exhibit their technological innovations.

In addition to the Singapore event on the 30 April 2018, this workshop will also take place on 10 May 2018 as part of the 11th Congress of the Chinese Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Shanghai, China. The Chinese congress will also offer a workshop on complex spinal procedures on 11 May 2018. These will mark the second year of educational collaboration between NASS and the Chinese Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, following this year’s successful workshops.

One of the most exciting areas of growth in spinal surgery is endoscopy. One of the Singapore workshops will offer delegates the chance to learn the basics of a sometimes daunting approach. Chaired by Jeffrey Wang (Los Angeles, USA), Jin-Sung Kim (Seoul, South Korea) and Jun-Ho Lee (Seoul, South Korea), the basic session will focus on percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy as well as other endoscopic techniques.

Beyond endoscopy, the third Singapore workshop will offer attendees the opportunity to develop their complex spine surgery techniques on 2 May.

As with the ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance workshops, the endoscopic and complex surgery courses will offer delegates hours of hands-on training with the latest innovative technologies. Device companies can provide equipment to educate physicians on the nuances of particular systems, as well as the general principles of endoscopy.

As the spinal device market expands across new technologies and new territories, NASS’s international workshops offer a unique opportunity to capture a rapidly-expanding market. For more information on exhibiting your technology, contact Brad Repsold at [email protected].


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