Camber Spine announces nationwide launch Of SPIRA-O Open Matrix OLIF at NASS 2019

SPIRA-O spinal implant (Camber Spine)

Camber Spine has announced the launch of its first spinal implant designed and manufactured specifically for the oblique lumbar interbody fusion (OLIF) spine surgical procedure. This implant represents the fifth product in its distinctive, rapidly growing SPIRA device family. This implant, the proprietary SPIRA-O Open Matrix OLIF, is a unique interbody fusion implant embedding spiral support arches and Surface by Design technology. 

According to a press release, the SPIRA-O Open Matrix OLIF is the only system on the market designed specifically for the OLIF spinal surgery approach. The device was designed to take advantage of the natural corridor for an oblique surgical approach, anterior to the psoas muscle, which is performed while the patient is in a lateral position.

SPIRA-O is designed with implant configurations, lordotic angles and associated instruments to access all levels of the lumbar spine. The SPIRA-O also incorporates Camber Spine’s proprietary technology Surface by Design and its patented arch design for redistribution of load to maximise end plate contact and promote osseointegration.

“In collaboration with the rest of the design team, we set out with the goal to create an implant and associated instrumentation to perform a minimally invasive procedure that could restore complex lumbar deformity and sagittal alignment issues in our patients”, stated John Peloza, one of the first surgeons to implant SPIRA-O.

He continued: “We concluded that by utilising the oblique lateral anterior to psoas natural corridor, we could create an implant and inserter that successfully eliminated the complexities of the orthogonal manoeuvres associated with other systems.  We have successfully proven this concept in our patients.”

The OLIF approach, which is grouped at times with the lateral or extreme lateral (LLIF/XLIF) approach, is a procedural approach in its own right that is gaining significant traction and increasing usage as physicians train in this approach. Due to its significant procedural advantages, the OLIF approach has projected procedure and market value growth over the next several years which is significantly greater than that of established approaches such as anterior, lateral, and posterior.

Camber Spine is showcasing SPIRA-O at the 2019 Meeting of the North American Spine Society in Chicago, USA on 25–27 September. John Peloza of The Center for Spine Care in Dallas, USA will be leading discussions and demos of SPIRA-O at the Camber booth (# 3430) on 25 September 25 from 10:00–11:30am and 26 September from 1:00–2:30pm. Peloza, an early adopter of the minimally invasive surgery (MIS) treatment philosophy, has spent decades on the forefront of the evolving field pursuing one mission: providing safe, predictable treatments to his patients.


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