British spine societies merge


At the recent joint meeting between the British Cervical Spine Society (BCSS) and The British Association of Spinal Surgeons (BASS), it was agreed that the two societies would become one.

A message on the website of the BCSS, said that the society no longer existed, and is now part of a larger society, which for the present will still be known as BASS. The site also informed current members that they would automatically become members of the larger merged society.

A news release on the BASS official website noted that the merger would improve the strength of the Spine Surgeons of the British Isles to represent the needs of the members in the political processes that are an essential part of the ’craft’ of spinal surgery.

There will now be a period of time while the executives of the two societies explore the details of the merger, in terms of the constitution and shape of the single society, said the release.

BCSS members whose subscriptions were up-to-date who wished to have access to the BASS website were invited to apply for membership of BASS on line.