Brandon Arthurs named as vice president of research and development for TranS1


TranS1 has named Brandon Arthurs vice president of research and development. In this role, Arthurs, a certified professional engineer, will be responsible for leading collaborations with surgeons and entrepreneurs to bring new medical products to market. According to a press release, this will include products that complement TranS1’s flagship spinal fusion device, the AxiaLIF+ system.

Arthurs brings nearly twenty of technical leadership and product development, as well as an extensive track record of securing medical patents, according to the release. Arthurs returns to TranS1, where he previously served in various capacities, including director of research and development, engineering manager, and senior research and development engineer. He has also worked as a principal project engineer with the Wrightsville Consulting Group. Arthurs earned his Bachelor’s Degree from North Carolina State University (Raleigh, USA) and an Associate of Science degree from Gaston College (Dallas, USA).

Jeff Schell, chief executive officer of TranS1, says, “Brandon’s prior experience with the TranS1 brand and its products, coupled with his extensive relationships with surgeons, make him a huge asset.”

According to the press release, Arthurs will manage a team comprised of inventors, physicians, engineers, doctors of philosophy, and patent attorneys. Additionally, he will work directly with TranS1’s Surgeon Advisory Board and surgeons to lead physician-driven innovation and research and development efforts.

“I have worked with Brandon Arthurs for more than a decade, and he is a very talented and seasoned product engineer with a knack for integrating the concerns of his surgeons with the necessities of design,” says Gary Fleischer, the head of the New England Neck & Spine Institute, Nashua, USA. “He will make a fantastic vice president of research and development, bringing his experience, maturity, and temperament to the job and inspiring a team of skilled co-workers.”