NASS 2019: Brainlab introduces mobile intraoperative imaging robot

loop-x mobile imaging robot brainlab
Loop-X mobile imaging robot (Brainlab)

Brainlab has unveiled Loop-X, the first mobile intraoperative imaging robot, at NASS 2019 (34th Annual North American Spine Society Meeting; 25–28 September, Chicago, USA). Loop-X sits at the core of the Brainlab Digital Surgery portfolio for the rapidly evolving spinal market. 

According to a press release, the Loop-X robotic architecture introduces a new standard in flexibility, adding additional degrees of freedom to any surgical procedure. By automating imaging workflow steps and robotically moving with the procedure and on command, the system is in sync with other devices like robotic arms and with the surgeon and staff.

The non-isocentric movement and collimation capabilities allow for the imaging of structures that are much larger—for example in diameter—and much smaller—reducing radiation exposure—than what is possible with the typical CT or 3D C-arm. The device is designed for 2D and 3D imaging, combining ultra-high resolution with extra-low doses, and proprietary technology to image with interlaced energies for soft-tissue visualisation. Loop-X imaging robot can be integrated with Brainlab technology as well as third party products through an open interface.

“For Brainlab, Loop-X is a critical milestone in contributing disruptive innovations in spinal surgery,” said Stefan Vilsmeier, president and chief executive officer, Brainlab. “It provides us with an even stronger foundation for leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, big data, cloud computing, augmented reality and spatial computing.”

Building on the broad utility of X-ray-based 2D and 3D imaging in the operating room, Brainlab aims to provide a surgery-centric digital platform for every surgery. Beyond diagnostic imaging, the intelligent device can capture partial information, “digitising” anatomical intraoperative changes in order to update a “digital model” of the patient previously generated by aggregating preoperative images.

Loop-X mobile intraoperative imaging robot is currently under development and not FDA approved, nor commercially available. Brainlab is not soliciting or accepting orders for Loop-X mobile intraoperative imaging robot, nor is Brainlab attempting to market or solicit any orders. The information being provided is for informational purposes only. Commercial availability is contingent on the current development schedule, achieving certain performance according thereto, and approval by the appropriate regulatory agencies.


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