Boulder Neurological & Spine Association work alongside Justin Parker Neurological Institute in new clinical trial of lumbar spine stenosis


Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates and the Justin Parker Neurological Institute have announced that that they are among 30 sites investigating the safety and efficacy of the ACADIA facet replacement system for the management of lumbar spinal stenosis.

The ACADIA device (Facet Solutions) is designed to replace degenerated facet joints while restoring normal stability and motion in the lumbar spine. The selected eligibility criteria for the study includes: male and female patients ages 21–85; patients with persistent leg, thigh and/or buttock symptoms, including pain, numbness, burning or tingling; patients who have had at least six months of conservative care; patients who are likely to return for follow-up visits; and patients who are to follow postoperative management program

“We carefully consider this surgery for our patients after an extensive course of medications, physical therapy, injections and other means of conservative care have failed,” said principal investigator, Alan Villavicencio.  He added: “The ACADIA facet replacement system includes implants that mimic the natural facet joints in the lumbar spine to allow motion, so the potential benefit of this treatment may include lower risk of degeneration at the adjacent spinal levels. What is also important, all study-related care will be provided at no cost to the qualifying patients.”