Boston Scientific launches Fixate Tissue Band in the USA


Boston Scientific has announced that it has acquired the Fixate Tissue Band, which is a novel suturing device for the placement of a spinal cord stimulation lead or pain pump catheter, from Anulex Technologies and that it has launched the device onto the USA market.

Anchoring a lead can be a time consuming part of the spinal cord stimulation procedure, and lead migration resulting in the need for revision is a known complication of spinal cord stimulation,” said Richard Bowman, of the Center of Pain Relief in Charleston, USA. He added: “The Fixate device improves the surgical technique by allowing the lead anchor to be secured tightly to tissue in a quick and efficient way with a small anchoring incision.”

According to a company press release, bench test data show that, on average, the Fixate Tissue Band can place a suture in under one minute. The semi-automated design provides ease of use for physicians and offers a minimally invasive inline design.

The band is intended to be an accessory to the leads/catheter component of spinal cord stimulator/pain pump systems functioning to secure the lead to the fascia or interspinous/supraspinous ligament.