Boston Scientific announces CE mark approval and European launch of Infinion 16 percutaneous lead for Precision Plus spinal cord stimulator system


On 3 February, Boston Scientific announced CE mark approval of the Infinion 16 percutaneous lead for its Precision Plus Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) system. The announcement was made at the World Institute of Pain (WIP) congress (Miami, USA, 4–6 February). 

The first patient implant in Europe using the Infinion 16 lead was performed by Kliment Gatzinsky, and David Revesz, Neurosurgery Department at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Guldheden, Sweden.


According to a company release this is the first rechargeable spinal cord stimulator device for chronic pain management. Spinal cord stimulator leads are designed to deliver electrical pulses from an implantable pulse generator to the spinal cord to mask pain signals to the brain. Until now, percutaneous leads have offered a maximum of eight stimulating contacts.  By providing twice the number of contacts than any previous percutaneous lead, the Infinion 16 lead is designed to offer more coverage of the spinal cord for the management of chronic pain.
“I appreciate that for the first time, it is possible to place 16 contacts with a single percutaneous lead using a small insertion needle,” said Gatzinsky. “This lead will provide me with more options to optimise the paresthesia coverage to bring relief for chronic pain patients.” Revesz added, “The Infinion 16 Lead is very responsive, with excellent steering that allows easy placement in the target area.”


The Infinion 16 Lead is currently commercially available in the USA and will be introduced in CE mark countries immediately.