BoneScalpel and SonaStar showcased at AANS


Misonix showcased its BoneScalpel and SonaStar systems at the recent American Neurological Surgeons (AANS) annual meeting (5-9 April, San Francisco, USA). The BoneScalpel is an ultrasonic surgical device that enables rapid, safe and precise osteotomies and the SonaStar offers precise soft tissue aspiration and effective removal of osseous structures.

A company press release states that the BoneScalpel is a “novel, ultrasonic surgical device that enables rapid, safe and precise osteotomies”, adding that it is designed to achieve clean cuts through osseous structures with minimal loss of viable bone. Also, the press release states that the SonaStar has “state-of-the-art wireless technology includes the most powerful handpiece on the market today”.

Eric Woodard, chief of Neurosurgery at Boston’s New England Baptist Hospital describes his experience as a long-term BoneScalpel user: “We have used the BoneScalpel in well over 1,000 cases now and are seeing numerous advantages. We now use it essentially on every spine patient, and we have found in our practice that it significantly reduces operative time, decreases blood loss, and markedly increases the amount of residual local bone available for grafting. In so doing, it significantly reduces overall operating room time and cost. As a surgeon, I value the safety, convenience and speed the device adds to my bone work. It has extended my surgical career by five years.”