Bone Therapeutics to combine Allob cells with Kasios’ spinal fusion cage


Bone Therapeutics is to extend its collaboration with Kasios. The companies aim to combine Bone Therapeutics’ Allob cells with Kasios’ spinal fusion cage. This cage contains a 3D-printed synthetic matrix.

This product is intended to simplify the surgical procedure, and to accelerate the fusion process, using Allob, an allogeneic bone cell therapy product.

Kasios specialises in the development of spinal fusion cages and synthetic bone substitutes. In a previous collaboration, the companies combined Kasios’ synthetic micro-granules with Allob cells in preclinical studies, showing that the combination resulted in increased bone formation. In a first step, the biocompatibility of the matrix with Allob will be tested in preclinical studies.

The companies ultimately aim to provide an integrated ready-to-use product for surgeons which can reduces operative times.