BioTras receives US patent for AsTris 1.0 spine simulator



BioTras has received a US patent for AsTris 1.0 (US Patent No. 9,275,556) medical training simulator that for training in interventional pain management. The patent was approved on March 1, 2016.

Dallas-based pain management doctors John East and Brandon Knutson are the owners of the biomedical company.

“It takes extreme precision and experience to perform spinal injections correctly. Until now, the only way you could practice was on a live human, a cadaver or on crude, non-realistic models,” says East. “The AsTris 1.0 is clear, which allows the practitioner to observe needle movement as the needle is advanced towards the spine. It can also be customised to include a variety of skeletal structures to meet a wider scope of training needs.”

The AsTris 1.0 is designed to allow resident physicians, fellows, post-grad physicians and other health care professionals to practice performing hundreds, even thousands of injections before ever injecting a real person.

The AsTris 1.0 is made of a fusable thermoplastic material that has the feel of human tissue. It is also made of re-constructed human vertebrae, and other real bone elements that look real under X-ray.

“The AsTris 1.0 simulator will be available this April,” says Knutson. “It is our goal to partner with medical technology companies, for-profit training facilities, medical schools, residency and fellowship training programs. We expect the second and third generation models of AsTris 1.0 to be used in training for specialties outside of pain management such as neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery.”