Biomet Spine completes first surgery with new Timberline MPF hyperlordotic system


Biomet Spine has reported the completion of the first surgery using its new Timberline modular plate fixation (MPF) hyperlordotic lateral fusion system, which is a modular plating and hyperlordotic spacer system designed to help facilitate acute sagittal correction via the lateral approach when used in conjunction with supplemental fixation. The Timberline MPF system is the first of its kind formally cleared by the FDA for use in the lateral approach.

The Timberline MPF System features three different screw plate solutions that can be attached to a variety of lateral intervertebral spacers, including the newly cleared Timberline MPF hyperlordotic spacer. The Timberline MPF Hyperlordotic System features 20 degrees and 30 degrees lordotic spacers in a 22mm wide footprint.

This new hyperlordotic spacer allows surgeons to facilitate increased sagittal correction in several clinical applications, including deformity correction and complex pathologies of the lumbar spine. This new system can be implanted using the Timberline lateral retractor system, which affords surgeons intraoperative flexibility with its three-blade infinite resolution retraction mechanism, radiolucency allowing optimal visualisation, and an integrated intradiscal shim which, allows for deployment while the dilators are still in position.

Paul Holman, conducted the first surgery utilizing the Timberline MPF hyperlordotic system at the Houston Methodist Spine Center. He comments: “The Timberline MPF hyperlordotic system is a fantastic addition to Biomet’s Modular Plate Fixation System, allowing surgeons to achieve excellent sagittal balance restoration via a minimally invasive approach in adult deformity applications.  Biomet’s new system also provides instrumentation to release the anterior longitudinal ligament, which facilitates increased segmental lordosis.”