Best-in-show award for poster featuring Misonix’s BoneScalpel


Misonix has announced that a scientific poster titled “BoneScalpel—A cutting edge technology” won the best poster award at the 62nd annual conference of the Neurological Society of India (11–15 December, Mumbai, India). The poster concludes that the BoneScalpel is setting a new standard for surgical bone removal technologies at their institution with important benefits over traditional methods.

According to a press release, the poster documents a study by The Grant Medical College in Mumbai. The press release reports that the college’s neurologists reviewed 50 neurosurgical procedures, ranging from craniotomy over nerve decompression in the spinal canal to harvesting bone segments for re-implantation. It adds that the absence of incidental tears to spinal and cranial dura observed in the study is below published findings for comparable technologies and showcases BoneScalpel’s ability to minimise trauma to adjacent nerves and vessels. Investigators V Velho and others state: “BoneScalpel is a safe and effective ultrasonic device that is useful in osteotomies in various cranial and spinal procedures. The device allows precision bone cutting with minimal bone and blood loss and obviates the risk associated with the use of high speed burr and also saves time.”