OrthoPediatrics announces global launch of new BandLoc DUO


OrthoPediatrics has announced the launch of BandLoc DUO, the latest addition to the BandLoc 5.5/6.0mm system. BandLoc is a temporary implant for use in orthopaedic surgery, intended to provide stabilisation as a bone anchor during the development of solid bony fusion and aid in the repair of bone fractures. The system allows a pedicle-sparing, band passage technique for treating a wide variety of complex spinal pathologies, including spinal trauma, degenerative, and reconstructive surgeries such as scoliosis.

The BandLoc DUO enables bilateral fixation with a single sublaminar passage of the band, making it a simpler and more efficient solution. The implant features a unique pre-assembled design, which incorporates the company’s RESPONSE set screw technology and accepts multiple rod diameters in Cobalt Chrome or Titanium and includes innovative and ergonomic instrumentation. While BandLoc incorporates the Company’s RESPONSE Spine System, it is compatible with any 5.5mm or 6mm spinal correction system on the market and thus can be used in conjunction with competitive systems.

Jeff Smithey, OrthoPediatrics’ vice president of spine, commented, “We are excited about the release of BandLoc DUO, which was developed with paediatric orthopaedic surgeons to provide another superior option for their paediatric patients in treating complex spinal deformities. Our dedication to improving the lives of children around the world continues to drive our state-of-the-art paediatric solutions. This innovative technology expands our scoliosis portfolio and further represents our commitment as the only company completely focused on providing comprehensive, high-quality solutions for paediatric orthopaedic patients.”

Paediatric orthopaedic surgeon, Mike Albert of Dayton Children’s Hospital (Dayton, USA) has championed the technology, stating, “The primary advantages of the new BandLoc DUO are related to increased patient safety and operating room efficiency. Any technology that reduces risks to children while making surgery simpler with an improved process and instrumentation is a win.”


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