Band-Lok receives two new US patents


Band-LokBand-LOK has announced that two new patents have been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) regarding the company’s proprietary Tether Clamp and Implantation System.

Michael Albert, co-founder of Band-Lok, says, “We continue to explore additional clinically-relevant designs for both the implants and the instrumentation. I am pleased to announce that I have personally implanted over 100 bands in more than 20 cases with highly successful results.”

The technology is a clamp housing assembly and method for providing stabilisation as a bone anchor during an orthopaedic surgical procedure. It includes a housing, a locking element, as well as a band.”

“We continue to strengthen our intellectual property assets and have done so with the support of Kapstone Medical,” says Randy Roof, co-founder and president of the company. “The two new patent allowances issued by the USPTO further protect our technology, and leads the way toward new advancements in surgical treatments benefitting from banding technologies.”

John Kapitan, co-founder of Band-Lok and chief executive officer of Kapstone Medical says, “We are eager to leverage our core strengths in engineering, regulatory, quality and intellectual property creation in order to continue developing and protecting practical solutions for surgeons.”

Additional patent applications are pending.


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