Back pain almost halved at 12 months following Zyga’s SImmetry sacroiliac joint fusion

Zyga SImmetry

Twelve-month clinical and radiographic data evaluating long-term fusion and pain reduction in patients receiving Zyga SImmetry sacroiliac joint fusion have shown average back pain scores at almost half pre-surgery levels among the 18 patients studied. The data were published in the Open Orthopaedics Journal.

This single-centre study enrolled 18 patients who underwent a total of 20 minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion procedures with decortication and bone grafting. Pain and disability scores were collected pre-surgery and at six weeks, three months, six months, nine months and 12 months post-surgery. A computed tomography scan was also performed at 12-month follow-up. At 12 months, fusion was reported in 88% of patients, and back pain decreased from 81.7 to 44.1 (p<0.001) on average. Freedom from device- or procedure-related adverse events through 12 months was 100%.

“Minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion procedures have demonstrated significant reduction in pain and disability, but it is important that these procedures create a bony fusion to give patients the best opportunity for long-term relief,” says Richard A Kube, study author and orthopaedic spine surgeon at Prairie Spine and Pain Institute in Peoria, USA. “This technique minimises the invasiveness of the procedure without compromising any of the orthopaedic principles that provide the foundation for a successful fusion.”