AXS Medical showcases Biomod at IMAST


Imaging company AXS Medical are showcasing their Biomod imaging system, which offers 3D modelling of the spine in a standing position, at the International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST; 16-19 July, Valencia, Spain) – booth number 26.


A company press release reports that Biomod is a unique technology offering 3D reconstruction and assessment of the spine and the back shape in weight bearing position. It is based on an innovative approach combining optical images performed by the acquisition device simultaneously to the two regular X-ray images (frontal and coronal). The press release adds that Biomod provides a 3D spine modelling as well as 3D and 2D clinical parameters in a few clicks. It is compatible with any radiological set-up and fits in all X-ray rooms and existing clinical workflow. During patient follow up, Biomod optical acquisition alone is performed to evaluate patient situation and thus avoid systematic use of X rays offering a major patient benefice.

The device is CE marked and Health Canada approved.