AxiaLIF procedure saves US$3,500 compared to TLIF procedure, according to economic analysis


TranS1’s axial lumbar interbody fusion (AxiaLIF) procedure has been shown to provide estimated savings of US$3,500 in comparison to transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF), according to a recent study. However, AxiaLIF is associated with a 2.6% higher rate of pseudoarthritis (6% vs. 3.4% for TLIF).

The 2014 economic analysis, published in the Journal of Managed Care Medicine, was authored by Scott Parker, director of the Spinal Column Surgical Quality and Outcomes Research Laboratory at Vanderbilt University, and Matt McGirt, of Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates. The key observations of the study were:

  • An average cost savings per procedure of $3,500
  • Shortened hospital stays
  • Lower rates of hospital readmission
  • Faster return to work

“The pre-sacral approach allows many patients to leave the hospital within hours of surgery,” said Jeffrey Schell, CEO of TranS1.

AxiaLIF was acquired by Quandary Medical in 2014 and is approved by Medicare (CPT code 22586). AxiaLIF has been performed on more than 14,000 patients in the United States.