Aurora Spine to offer Polyaxial Zip ISP technology for out-licensing


Aurora Spine has announced that it is to offer out-licensing opportunities for its Polyaxial Zip ISP (interspinous process) implant locking technology. The technology is covered by United States Patent No. 9,603,637.

“The combination of…‘One-Step’ locking mechanism, with no setscrew, and the polyaxial feature could be a unique opportunity in new product development for orthopaedic and other medical and industrial manufacturers,” says co-inventor, Trent Northcutt, president and chief executive officer of Aurora Spine.

“Aurora’s patented features offer new design directions for hardware connections that do not rely on conventional threads and screws thus preventing hardware loosening-related problems,” says Laszlo Garamszegi, chief technology officer of Aurora Spine.


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